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The monogram trend guide

LABELS: We have seen people walk around with designer prints and for most of them, it always goes wrong, so here is how to rock those labels.

As much as this is a trend, I am never going to let it anywhere near my closet. Don’t get me wrong, there is no denying that the monogram trend is hot and is here to stay for sure.

And this designer logo clad trend was made even more popular, with the coming of the pandemic, where lounge wear was all the rage.

So, how does one make an attempt at this trend, without looking like a walking billboard?

Keep the prints minimal

Regardless of whether it is Dior, or Balenciaga, no one wants to be reading those brand names off of your attire.

So, endeavor to keep these as minimised as possible, as this will also make your head-to-toe monogram print less obviously. Yes, we love your Fendi, but we don’t have to read off of you all day long.

Keep it for casual settings

The nature of the monogram trend makes it quite distracting, especially for those who see you in it. So, no matter how tempting it may be, keep your monogram out of the office or any other formal setting where impressions matter.

These are best kept for your night out with the girls, or your Instagram feed.

Stay clear of knockoffs

This is likely the bitter sweet rule of them all, but also the most important. Forget about your bags, or other accessories where you can easily get away with donning a knock off; the monogram trend is having these high-end designer logos plastered all over your body.

Do yourself a favour and invest in the real thing.

You don’t want to walk around with “Louis Vuttin” on your back all day for the entire world to see how illiterate you are!

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