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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos




Tinah Teise

Dear RADIO, I’ll never find the right words to describe that ugly Thursday morning I woke up to the news of your passing. I didn’t cry, I wailed. I am still as heartbroken as I was 3yrs ago today. Nothing has ever changed. You are still my best artist in the whole world. Your music still makes me laugh and cry. It makes me think and dance. It make me wonder what a show off our God was with your life. How can one person be that talented? A vocalist, a lyrical genius, an entertainer, a creative, a linguistic, an artist all in one and yet you didn’t keep your talents to yourself, you shared freely with everyone. Sometimes I think we didn’t deserve you that’s why God took you away from us.

I miss being your fan. I miss standing front row at all your concerts and singing/shouting along all your songs hit after hit word for word, I miss the nerves I got before I could interview you no one ever made me as nervous to interview because I was truly a fan, I miss looking forward to your new music and learning the lyrics in hours, I miss the tension you gave us your fans, it was like a movie script we didn’t know what to expect and then you kept surprising us greatly all the time. I miss the idea of you being in the industry, somehow we knew even if other artists didn’t sing Radio will do it on behalf of everyone. You sang when you were sad, when you were complaining, when you were in love, when you were hurt, when you were happy, you just sang everything out and it was beautiful. I feel selfish that I still cry for you Radio, what about your family and everyone who you meant a lot to? Man, I’m glad I was not your friend I don’t know how I’d have handled that, even as a fan I don’t know if I’ll ever heal from this heartbreak. I’m grateful that I experienced your magic truly as a fan and I thank you for all the years of music. You are a king. We will always remember you. We miss you so much! Continue resting well. #RememberingALegend!

Ykee Benda

Nothing will ever be the same. KING MOSES THE GREAT

Viboyo Oweyo Music

Keep singing for the Angels Radio.

Dewise-pro Nasasiira Silva

We lost this soldier MOWZEY RADIO. We shall not get anybody like him. Even if a good song is playing, my mind asks me this question; where did Radio go? Konka mukama we shall keep remembering you forever. R.I.P.

Nivan-K Foundation

It is now three years ever since you left us. We miss you Mosey king Radio.

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