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Caroline Marcah and MC Kats an item

What looked like a stunt between MC Kats and Fille seemed to have been a reality as by the look of things, the two do not seem to be together anymore

And as is the case, life has to move on and that is exactly what MC Kats is doing. Reliable information we have gathered is that something is going on between the NBS After 5 presenter and Caroline Marcah of Spark TV. The two stations might be rivals but work is work and from what we hear the bond between the two is so strong that Marcah was not shy to show off to the public. A few days ago, Marcah who calls herself an actress, vocalist, host and MC, posted something on her status and it read: “I want to be around you. I want to be the one to take care of you.”

According to our source, the two started dating last year around December and that they spent most of the holidays together.

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