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Tommy Boy things we did without internet

Walking around doubl- tapping hot babes and hot guys in real life. Which is in violation of social distancing and anti-Covid SOPs so now I have Covid from touching strangers

Went to the market and bought actual eggplants to carry to crush’s house. I thought she would laugh out loud, because that is what she types: LOL. But I found out that she just chuckles quietly. Social media is full of lies. They Are Not Laughing Out Loud!!


Ran out of lives in Candy Crush so I just got a mortar and pestle and pounded G-nuts instead for a couple of hours.

I didn’t have facebook walls, so I had to write my updates on my actual wall. I bought chalk and crayons and markers and covered the walls with words.

Because there were no memes, we just went around writing words on people’s campaign posters. Especially Lukwago’s.




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