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Why that pressure to leave home?

Why do people feel the pressure to move out of their parents’ home? Why would you feel the pressure to go out there, rent an expensive apartment that you can barely afford?

To prove what point? And to who?
It is like people carry a certain burden once they are done with school or once they begin making some ka-money.
Away from the illusion of freedom, for us of poor countries should have no business moving out of home as fast as possible. If you can keep home longer, please do. Enjoy the free food, share in the bills but don’t go out living hand to mouth, barely surviving all because you want to prove the point that you now live in your own ‘house’.

The turnover at most apartments is just shocking. Most apartments are empty. In the end, landlords are being humbled, forced to reduce rent, are getting behind on their bank loan payments. The tenants on the other hand are defaulting like nothing, and are usually forced to shift.

That is why I like the Indian model. Regardless of how much more money they make, they encourage the model of living as an extended family. Grow up as a son, try to live in with your parents as long as you can. Accumulate capital instead of taking on unnecessary debt.
It is only the children of the poor and middle class trying to move out of homes like someone is chasing them. The children of the rich feel no problem living at home longer than possible.

Okay, someone will ask; “what about the chaw? Where will I take her?” Well, it is not like you will host her every single moment.
In 2021 and beyond, we need to be humble and stop taking on lifestyles we can barely afford. We are all poor trying to prove that we are rich to ourselves.
For those still staying with your parents, don’t feel ashamed. No one should mock you for it. It is actually better for your health to live with people.

The problem for most people of late is loneliness. People have no one to talk to except when they go out to bars and music concerts. But those small arguments at home with your family members, that is therapy. That is you having another mind to share something with.
It is the reason depression was rare in communal societies, you just always had another soul to open up to before you drowned in your own thoughts.

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