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Most shocking prophecies of prophet Mbonye that have come to pass in 2020

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Every year, Prophet Elvis Mbonye of the Zoe Ministries comes out to prophecy on events that will happen. According to video clips posted online, Elvis Mbonye has prophesied several events that have come to pass, but the interpretation on whether he is a true or false prophet that we cannot determine.

The prophet has made his name for foreseeing future events including the much remembered 2010 bombings at Kyadondo. 10 years after the terrorist bomb attacks in Uganda.

Last year he predicted Donald Trump’s impeachment that came to pass among other prophecies. On January 7, 2020, he made several shocking prophecies that have come to pass as the year unfolded. Some of these include;

US politics, Joe Biden and Harris Kamala

At the start of 2020, on 7th January before heated politics in the US, prophet Mbonye prophesied an emerging female figure in the Democratic Party in the US something far-fetched considering even the Biden Joe who appointed a female runmate was still lagging. As the elections in November grew nearer DP got a very influential female figure Kamala Harris who eventually emerged Vice President to the president-elect Joe Biden.

Prophet Mbonye further elaborated in his prophecy that the female figure will have immense influence behind the Democratic Party, and true to that, some political commentators like Turker Colson predicted that she will be the one running the country and indeed she is as. In 2013, Prophet Elvis Mbonye prophesized about Joe Biden’s health which has since come to pass too.

“Sleepy Joe” syndrome in Joe Biden

Prophet Elvis Mbonye may be under fire for his prophecy that Joe Biden would never be President of the United States but the man of God got a thing or two accurately correct about the current US President. In 2013, Prophet Mbonye in his prophesy said that the then vice present of the US had a mental problem and that one day it would show to the world and indeed during his recent campaigns in the bid for the presidency he often forgot his speech on the pulpit with Donald Trump making fun of him with his “Sleepy Joe” nickname. Prophet Mbonye also prophesied that if Joe became president the church would be under attack.

The arrest and death of Pastor Yiga

Prophet Elvis Mbonye may have met some resistance from people against his prophecies but at every instance, his prophecies have come to pass. After pastor Yiga’s death, a video of the Zoe fellowship leader Prophet Mbonye prophesying about the Pastor emerged.

On 7th January 2020, Mbonye told his fellowship that in his prophesy he sees the name Yiga making headlines on all media outlets this year. Last month, Pastor Yiga Augustine now the late made headlines throughout the year.

In March, he was arrested for misleading masses by uttering that Covid-19 was a hoax. This was 3 months after prophet Mbonye’s prophesy. Most recently, Yiga made national news first with a false alert that he had died before he died 3 days later.

Do you think it is about time that the world paid attention to this man, Prophet Elvis Mbonye?

The church is taken in the closet

In 2018 he prophesied that in 2020, the church would be taken into the closet which he interpreted as the church going into isolation. That prophecy came to came to pass after public gatherings were banned in March 2020 to curb the spread of covid-19. He also prophesied about the government in so much control. Throughout all these generations we have never seen the government being in control as it has been in 2020.

The coronavirus

The year 2020 has been dominantly charactarised by the coronavirus, a pandemic that ravaged the world Prophet Mbonye had foreseen through multiple prophecies all of which were signs leading to the same thing. While prophesying he hinted about the two weeks of sick leave but didn’t give details of the prophecy. But two months later governments around the world begun subjecting their citizens to a mandatory lockdown of 14 days which is exactly two weeks as prophet Mbonye had prophesied. Health experts around the world concluded that the incubation period of the covid-19 virus was days true to the prophetic accuracy of the prophet.

American Scholar Safraz. K Niaz in Uganda

A time shall come when a renowned scholar shall come in this country and there will be a lot of controversy around him and drama shall erupt due to his presence. He said it is not right to name the person he is talking about because it is simply not right. Three months later, media erupted over the controversial emergency of American scholar Safraz. K Niaz in Uganda and claims of him having the coronavirus cure. The speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga announced how the professor had manufactured an effective sanitizer that would have been proven to kill the virus instantly as it would be available in a fortnight.

The news was so controversial that it led to a clash between the speaker, the parliament, the Ugandan medical fraternity Ugandans.

Crisis in the banking sector

He said he saw a crisis in the banking area and he assured that it would come to pass. Two months later, news broke on businessman Hamis Kigunddu dragging Diamond Trust Bank to court over Shs100b that created a major banking crisis placing Uganda’s financial sector under international scrutiny.

Makerere University Ivory tower fire

Well in this prophecy, he says all he heard was the word “Bush fires” and nothing more. He was specific enough to say bush fires only happen in Australia and not Uganda and also said they would be strings of fire. Nine months later, there was a certain string of unexplained fires starting with the Makerere University Ivory Tower being burnt. The mysterious fires went on to engulf a fuel station along Entebbe Road, a parliamentary bus, and a mattress factory (Vita Foam) was mysteriously engulfed in flames. There was also a fire that erupted at the Margarita Hotel in Kasese. The fires happened one after another in the same period.

He however noted that he keeps some of these prophecies to himself especially if it is nothing to rejoice about. He also says that some of these messages come when they are concealed and not obvious as we have seen with the coronavirus and the bush fire. When it comes to pass, that’s when you realize what it was all about.

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