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Allan Hendrick joins liquor business

A few weeks back, radio personality, Eddie Sendi while appearing on Dembe FM criticized singer Bebe Cool for his fledgling music career, saying that he should instead start up a business. Perhaps a fish stall in Kyaliwajala, Sendi advised. This seemed like an insult to Bebe but his son, Hendrick alias Pepper Daddy took the advice seriously, although he didn’t join the fish industry. Instead, he went into something he thinks is more profitable – selling waragi.

Hendrick’s liquor business is named  ‘Online liquor delivery’.

“Bars are still locked, and curfew is still being enforced so I took this as an advantage to cater for those who love their drink. I’m looking at those who drink from home,” he told us. Better still, the artiste said that he already has clients so the start isn’t bad after all. However, he doesn’t have an address yet because he was advised not to get one so he operates from home.   

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