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VIDEO: Kachumbali – Quex

Kachumbali” is a culture, a dance revolution, a lifestyle, an experience, it is everything about the authentic side to our Ugandan millennial life. It amplifies that need to calm down and get into the vibe, simplify everything and realise there is more to our life than the pressure we exert on ourselves.

This video is about real people and for real people. Nothing is faked here, no makeup, no special effects, it is simply Nkozi at its best. If you watch this video, you will understand the meaning of Nkozi social life.

And maybe for the new ones to this Nkozi vibe, then the dance is the introduction. Again, it is a dance that everyone regardless of their dance failures, can quickly learn on the go. We all raise our hands to a Ugandan dance revolution. Is it “Stamina” or “Kachumbali”? Who owns this space?

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