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Aganaga seeks to ‘re-do’ Bobi’s election song

City musician Kalifa AgaNaga has come out posting on his social media in expression of his desire to re-do one of Bobi Wine’s songs.

“Dear Mr President to be 2021-2021 [Bobi Wine], am humbling myself requesting you to give me a go ahead to do an urban renewal of this song “Obululu tebutwawula”.

However, in the same posts, Aganaga appears to have run short of both patience and politeness.

“…I might do it by force because my fellow Ugandans really need this message…I Am just questing and not with any bad intentions,” Aganaga’s post further read.

Aganaga’s remarks, attached to the videos of Bobi Wine.’s song that  he is pleading to do did not go down well with pro-kyagulanyi people.

“We’re keeping tabs on your senseless posts about Bobi wine & NUP. We shall be waiting for you on stage with our bottles’” Abbey Ssebagala.

“Go eat your money and be quiet, we have no problem with you. We are just in a struggle for our good future,” Akan Don Zio.

Noticing that his had generated anger amongst many netizens , Aganaga posted yet again on  Friday captioning a segment from Bobi Wine’s song “Good morning my neighbour,oba nsinikire muli ebinyoo.” This is literally translated as ‘good morning my neighbours or else I Should go and teeth from elsewhere.”

Musician Khalifa Aganaga

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