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My style is comfortable and old school – Maritza


Style: Martha Byoga, commonly known as Maritza, co-hosts the morning radio show on Nation Media Group’s 93.3 KFM called D’ Mighty Breakfast. She gives us a glimpse into her weekday sense of style.

In case you are an ardent listener to Nation Media Group’s 93.3 KFM morning show dubbed the D’ Mighty Breakfast, then, you are definitely familiar with the female voice behind the microphone.

The well-spoken and eccentric media personality, Martha Byoga, commonly referred to as Maritza, is not only a presenter but also a spoken words artist, content creator and events host.

Due to the different things Maritza does in the entertainment and media industry, her priority is wearing comfortable clothes while she runs around working.
“I love my comfort when I put on clothes so that leaves out outfits like tight and skinny jeans,” she says.
So, what exactly does Maritza mean by the term comfortable clothes?

“I love old school, 1970s like fashion, the high waist skirts as well as those crop and broad shoulder tops,” she says, adding: “These are very laid back and comfortable.”

My priority is comfort
“Some of the shoes I love wearing include boots because they are easy to pick and are gentle on the feet. And when I do opt to wear things like sandals, I opt for the gladiator ones so that I walk comfortably without my feet slipping out,” she says.

Though she is a huge fan of jewellery, lately, Maritza has toned down on the number of things she wears while leaving the house due to the still ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
And lastly, for her natural hair, she loves styling it herself.

“Sometimes I braid it into twists or leave it out in the open,” she says.
Then, on some occasions, she opts to have a head wrap on.
Here is a glimpse of what Maritza wears from Monday to Friday.


The dress is definitely my Monday look. I usually just want to look beautiful on such a day and start off with an energetic hyped look. It is like carrying my Sunday best forward to Monday.

This is my Tuesday kind of look. By the way, Tuesdays are not usually my best days. I am not a fan. It is my worst day of the week. It is like the day is in the middle of nowhere and so, in order to make it more exciting for myself, I wear interesting T-shirts. This particular yellow one has interesting words such as “curfew” from the recent lockdown. As for the idea of wearing socks in open shoes, the first time I did this was a mistake. I was going to studio very early in the morning and because it was cold, I opted to wear stockings over my heels. In my mind, I was like, when I get to studio, I will take the socks off but somehow, I discarded the idea. And so, overtime, I have gotten accustomed to the style and it is working for me. From time to time, I wear stocking over heels. Sometimes people stare and I smile right back at them.

I would probably wear something super relaxed such as a print patternedskirt and a top. On Wednesday I tend to have a number of things to do, so, I wear something casual but also suitable as a day and night time outfit.

It is more of my Thursday look where I tend to wear casual, partnered or printed skirts, which I pair with something easy and simple on top.

My Friday kind of outfit is very chill. I would choose an unusual combination such as a flowing skirt and a T-shirt because it is comfortable. On the other hand, the boots are comfortable especially when I choose to walk around in them. Not forgetting, you might have noticed that my skirt has flowers, which I tend to love very much. In fact, most of my clothes have floral elements in them.

My favourite shops
“I am a second-hand clothes person and for this reason, I often go to downtown Kampala to do my shopping. On some occasions after seeing something I like in either the market or on the street, I buy it. Occasionally, I visit boutiques, especially when I want a particular outfit to wear. There are also other instances I get my outfits made by designers and tailors. This is especially after buying my own material, fabric or print. For the shoes, I buy them randomly.”

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