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Sheebah charges entry fee on her birthday

Sheebah Karungi

By now you must be familiar with the hashtag #31AndThriving… Yes, last week, Sheebah Karungi celebrated her 31st birthday with a mini performance and a party at her offices in Bunga where she invited the media and a few friends.

And for those who were not invited, the Team No Sleep charged an entry fee which ranged from 30K ordinary and 50K VIP. The difference was that VIPs received chairs.

The silent disco party was, however, disrupted when police raided the Red Terrace bar which also serves as offices for her holic pads business with the intention of arresting her for holding a party and endangering the public.

The police were, however, disappointed because by the time of the raid, the queen karma had already disappeared.

It took Jeff Kiwa almost 30 minutes to convince the police to leave the premises but they had already started confiscating some items such as headsets and speakers.

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