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Peter Miles said to have bought island in Entebbe

For years, Peter Miles, real name Peter Kanyike, was serious on the music grind. He gave us quite some unforgettable hits until he decided to take a break.

The break, was to chop…rather, invest the money he had made from music. A few years ago, we learnt from the artiste that he took a break from music to concentrate on his luxury boat business named Miles Marine.

And it seems that was not enough because word reaching our desk is that Kanyike now owns an island somewhere in Entebbe and that is where he is spending most of his time. Although we failed to get a hold of him to confirm details of the investment, reliable information we have is that Miles Marine is flourishing.

We also learnt that the now father of two owns shares in Freedom Beach and that the island could be him looking for a docking site because apparently, he uses Waterfront and Sailing Club to dock for now.


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