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Pallaso explains why he returned from the US to settle here



Well, many of us will say it’s his home so he had to come back at some point but that was not Pallaso’s plan. In 2006, Ugandan musician Pallaso surprised many when he relocated to the United States, yet he had just kicked off his music career.

He was in the US for almost 10 years and even started a family there given he had no plans of coming back to Uganda. After spending eight years in the US however, he returned to Uganda but left his family abroad.

In an interview with NBS TV, Pallaso says the main reasons he came back to his motherland was to revive the music industry because something was lacking.

“The reason as to why I came back home was because I witnessed that our music industry was kind of slow. I listened to lyrics from different countries because I have to ability to speak different languages and listen to music from different parts of the world and I saw we lacked something, so people had to improve,” Pallaso said.

After his return, he did ‘Amaaso’ with Goodlyf duo Radio (R.I.P) and Weasel which became one of the biggest songs of all their career. He goes on to say the loss of his brother Ak47 and singer Mowzey radio pulled him back.

“I also lost my brother and best friend AK47. It wasn’t long, we lost Radio Mowzey. All these setbacks affect us as humans and disturb our creativity,” he said.

However, Pallaso says he is perfectly healing, adding that he has never been in a better mental shape before.Bad Character boss Kalifah Aganaga has apologized to Bobi Wine for any wrong he has ever done to him, plus his supporters who he says have never ceased insulting him.

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