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My mum deserves an estate but I am not Dangote – comedienne Emmanuella

Emmanuella with her parents after handing over the house

A few days ago, comedienne Emmanuella Samuel surprised her parents with a new and fully furnished house. While taking her fans around the house in a clip she shared on social media, the 10-year-old comedienne shared her reasons why she built for her mother a house.

READ: 10-year-old Emmanuella gifts mother with a fully furnished house

Emmanuella says she wanted to buy her for her father another car but Uncle Mark who she acts with the comedy skits reminded her that she had promised to build her mother a house.

“Uncle Mark advised me to save the money and build the house, which is what I did. I called my manager and asked him to help me manage my finances by splitting the money four times. One potion for the orphanage, another for my family, some of it for my savings, and the last installment for this house,” she said.

Emmanuella with her mother and her sibling

According to her, they commenced construction in December 2019 and her mother had no idea that Emmanuella was constructing a house for her

“When I was handing my parents the house, my mama gave me a very beautiful smile and I love seeing her smile, I will never forget that smile,” a happy Emmanuella said.

She added that she is overjoyed for fulfilling her promise to her mother saying she even deserves better. “I am so happy for fulfilling the promise I made to my mother, she even deserves an estate, but I am not Dangote. Mummy, thank you so much, thank you for all the prayers, I love you so much, you are the best mother,” she said. She concluded by saying that this is not the only surprise she has for her parents as she is still planning a lot for them.

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