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Mbu Salvado given a house

Patrick Idringi Salvador returns to radio

Earlier this year, comedian Patrick “Salvado” Idringi was bashed on social media after pictures of him with President Museveni made rounds. In his defense, Salvado tweeted: “The President asks to meet me and people are crucifying me for accepting the invitation… It’s January people… It’s January… Yours truly Patrick Salvado from State House.”

The comedian later acknowledged that their meeting earned him a free venue (Kololo Airstrip) where he held Season Five of his Africa Laughs comedy show. Well, news we have learnt now is that a free venue is not all he received from the fountain of honour. Mbu on top of the venue, Salvado also gifted a house in Kyanja and that it is three months since he moved in.

When we contacted the man from Ombokolo, he said: “…someone isn’t happy with this small step I’ve made to make my family happy, so they’ll come up with many narratives of government. Crazy stuff.”

Anyway, whatever the case, all we know the guy is not renting anymore, so Congrats sebo for surviving landlords.

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