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It’s the ‘Sunriser’ for Levels Kitchen

Chef Ali and Levels Kitchen Manager Blessings

With bars still closed, bar owners have come up with different enterprises including stocking up their restaurants. Lately, every bar has a restaurant operating but Levels kitchen has a lot to offer than others.

The Kamwokya based bar and restaurant is now offering the ‘Sun riser heavy breakfast’ which is a combination of katogo, cassava, menze, anti-paste, patter egg, and all kinds of juice from watermelon, mango, orange, and so on.

“We are pleased to bring to you the sun riser heavy breakfast. Please expect to be served heavy, healthy, balanced, less bi-carb morning meals which are pocket friendly,” said Ali Kandoli, the chief at Levels kitchen.

He adds that Levels can’t be branded to a particular style of food so they will always create different meals as long as they observe the healthy nutritional value. Foods with high immune boosters as it’s one way of fighting Corona.

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