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Enid Mirembe kicks off Weyonje campaign

Former Miss Tourism Busoga Region Enid Mirembe has taken on the responsibility to spearhead a campaign that she thinks will help in developing society.

Enid through her Rolex initiative joined the Weyonje campaign and conducted a 360 hygiene meal-making program at Bunga Market at the start of this week.

The team kicked off with the cleaning of stalls and the working space by hand-picking of waste. They then handed over two rubbish collection points, aprons, re-usable face masks, table mats, and name tags to enhance branding and identification of their stalls.

“As the Rolex initiative, we emphasize proper hygiene among the people operating this business. It’s on this note that we had to educate and show the vendors how this can be achieved and we shall be doing this more often,” Enid Mirembe, the proprietor of the Rolex initiative pointed out.

This activity started at Bunga Market which is home to 40 fast food Vendors.

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