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Club Beatz ‘Spooky and Scary Halloween edition

It’s been over six months since Ugandans have been locked up due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The first months were so tight with every sector closed up but in the following months, some sectors were opened up except for entertainment.

However, some event organizers found a way of keeping people entertained throughout this whole period.

Club Beatz has brought entertainment to people’s living rooms and they have been consistent where others haven’t, having a concert every after two weeks with some of the best production ever on our screens. Fenon events went all out from May this year to the last edition of the event that happened this week.

Dubbed Club Beatz At Home online concert, this was the second season with every edition having two performers and among those that featured include; Lydia Jazmine, Karole Kasita, Maddox Semanda Sematima, Crystal Panda, Dre Cali, Naava Grey, Chozen Blood, Recho Rey, and Nutty Neithan among others. As promised earlier, the show gave a platform to upcoming artistes to work with renowned singers and use the experience to establish their mark in the industry.

This weekend being all about Halloween, club Pilsner used it as the climaxing weekend with an experience that artistes will leave to tell.

The ‘Spooky and Scary Halloween edition saw artistes showing appreciation to club Beatz but little did they know they were in for a surprise.

While they were on stage appreciating, people emerged from the back with scary make-up and holding a scythe and making scaring sound.

This scared most of them but it was Karole Kasita who almost dropped dead. She was so petrified to the extent that she ran off the stage screaming on top of her voice.

The show has been happening for two hours from 9pm with Douglas Lwanga as the host. It has been showing on club Pilsner Youtube channels as well as their Facebook page.

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