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Bobi Wine granted bail

Bobi Wine in Court. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has been given a non cash bail of Shs1m and his sureties, Shs5m each by Iganga chief magistrate Jessica Chemeri. He is expected to report back to court on December 18.

Court has asked him to abide by the Ministry of Health and the Electoral Commission guidelines during his campaigns. Kyagulanyi who was presented in the Iganga Magistrate’s court is being charged with doing an act likely to spread infectious diseases, under section 171 of the Penal Code Act.

The NUP presidential candidate was arrested on Wednesday during his campaign in Luuka District. During the court session, Kyagulanyi submitted that the case shouldn’t be Uganda Vs Kyagulanyi but should instead be Uganda Vs Museveni.

“This case should not be Uganda against Kyagulanyi, it should be Uganda against Museveni. It should be Museveni in this dock,” Bobi Wine submits in court. It should be noted that the arrest of Kyagulanyi led to riots in various parts in the country which have led to 28 deaths so far.

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