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Bar owners opt for peaceful demonstration

Chairman of Bar Owners Association, Geratgu Tesfalem addressing the press

With the lifting of the lockdown on most sectors, the association of bar owners has asked the government to lift the lockdown for them too because they have the capacity to follow the standard operating procedures.

According to the chairman of the Uganda Bar Owners committee, Tesfalem Gherathu, bars are a key player in the hospitality industry.

“The bar business generates approximately shs2.8 trillion shillings annually in revenue. Since March, bars have suffered a revenue loss of 1.1 trillion shillings and continue to count losses. It goes without saying that the continued closure has led to massive job losses,” said Mr. Gherathu.

Now with the government’s delay to open up bars, the operators will be holding a peaceful demonstration.

“We have come up with our own standard operating procedures and we intend to implement them in addition to those stipulated by the ministry of Health. We sent them to the ministry for them to give us a go ahead but if this is not done, then we will have no choice but to hold a peaceful demonstration,” added Medard Rukundo, a member of the executive committee.

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