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Layer that hoodie

LAZY WEAR. Hoodies have been around for longer than we can imagine but every day we get creative with fashion. So, here are some new ways you can spice up your hoodies.

There are some fashion pieces that will spell lazy anytime you wear them. These are normally an indicator that you simply didn’t have time to think through an outfit and that’s the best you could come up with. And the hoodie is one of those.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case, especially when you can simply employ a few style twitches and have yourself a killer outfit. Today, we are exploring some of the layering options you can use on your hoodie, in order to make it stand out, and change your “lazy wear” completely.

Use an overcoat

You can never go wrong with the style approved overcoat. So, just in case you had exhausted all possible avenues to nail this, then you are going to love this new option. Wear your hoodie under your overcoat and complete this with some athleisure theme accessories. You could decide to even colour block this look, by wearing your coat and hoodie in contrasting shades all together.

Layer it with your biker jacket

I can’t emphasize enough how much your wardrobe could use a piece or two of the biker jacket. So next time you are stepping out with the boys, how about you throw on your hoodie and crown the look off with your biker jacket in a hue of your choice? If your jacket is in a black shade, then it would be ideal that you wear your hoodie in something colourful. A pair of low-cut sneakers and neat jeans will be perfect for this look.

Wear it under your tailored blazer

This is the least obvious choice, but one that is definitely worth the try. The hoodie worn under your tailoring is perfect for your colourful blazers, or those that have some bold prints on them.

You can accessorise this look with some brogues, Chelsea boots or even a pair of white sneakers.

Whatever you choose, stick to the pullover designs, as compared to the zip up hoodie options as these have a more mature feel. Also, stay away from the branded or university style hoodies!

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