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I honestly hate counting – Trump


Outgoing US President Donald Trump has lashed out at the word ‘count’ in the latest incoherent tirade, suggesting that the verb and its accompanying noun had been “carefully chosen for prominence during the vote process to overturn my clear victory.”

In his first major speech since Democrat Joe Biden was declared President-Elect, Trump said it only started registering on him why everyone was talking ‘count’ and ‘counting’ after “my landslide lead in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan all started slipping and flipping.”
“They said they were counting. I asked ‘counting what?’ and they said ballots, votes or whatever,” Mr Trump said.
“Why do that when I’m already winning by a lot?”
Mr Trump reiterated that he had won the election “by a lot” and that the supreme court would prove him right in the end.

“It’s a lot that matters, not count or counting and I won by a lot. Count? That sounds much like Obama’s middle name and the devil knows that Kenyan with a fake birth certificate would never wish me well,” he said.
“That’s why I ordered a stop. Simple.”
Mr Trump has always been allergic to counting and virtually lies about everything that involves counting. Analysts have often claimed that the 45th President of the United States either does not count or doesn’t have the head for counting — which is very strange for the successful businessman he is.

Speaking at a town hall appearance on October 26, 2015, for instance, Mr Trump rejected claims that he had inherited his business empire from his father, Fred Trump.
Trump Snr was at one point one of the richest men in America after constructing apartment complexes for the middle-class in Brooklyn and Queens.
“It has not been easy for me. And you know I started off in Brooklyn, my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars,” Mr Trump said.

“Marco Rubio said I got $200 million from my father. I wish. I wish. I got a very, very small loan from my father many years ago. I built that into a massive empire and I paid my father back that loan….The number is wrong by a factor of hundreds of — I mean, by a fortune. I got a small loan. I started a business.”

The truth is that Mr Trump did not count his inheritance or measure its value. He should have started doing the counting while still under his father’s wings. By last week, it was already too late to stop the count.
So, like he called his father’s inheritance a “small loan,” he decided that he had won the election by “a lot.” Basically, his counting stops at that — small and a lot.
That is why, in January 2017, he exaggerated the crowd at his inauguration. He didn’t count; he just believed it was a lot.

His taxes. That has always been a burden to him. He doesn’t like counting so definitely his record is down there with the criminal facade.
He lied about Covid-19 numbers. He always said the media and doctors were exaggerating even the dead numbers for a profit. He didn’t like the counting. Even when Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre announced that they had received one more Covid-19 patient the night he himself was admitted to the Bethesda facility, Mr Trump said “that is a lot, you’re exaggerating the numbers.”

You see, he couldn’t count even just one. Himself.
He just doesn’t like counting and in the end, his attempt to stop the count didn’t matter, just as his dislike for counting didn’t count.
He is the only rich man who hates counting, and when he does make some feeble attempt at counting, he counts wrongly. Like on the golf course where his scores are exaggerated and he often asks that they do not count the holes.

However, there is one thing he must count now is that is the countdown to his vacation of the White House.
But given his discordance with counting, Mr Trump might actually fail to take note of the number of days he has left to hand over to Joe Biden.
If that happens, would he be removed like Laurent Gbagbo, the former Ivorian leader who was yanked out in a vest and pyjama after his defeat?

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