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Crysto Panda drops Ayii EP

If it wasn’t for this Covid-19 lockdown, Crysto Panda would probably have gone down in history as one of those people that took a shot at music and did not get too far. But as fate would have it, this pandemic was a blessing in disguise for the NTV T-Nation presenter, who now has an Extended Play (EP) to his name.

During the lockdown, Crysto Panda, real name Herbert Kityamuweesi, released a couple of songs such as “Kyolina Omanya”, “Kampala Takoma” and “Bintwala”, which all got some good airplay.

The five-track EP, which was released early this month, is titled “Ayiii”, a signature sound in most of his songs. It consists of songs “Nkwepikira”, “Tuli Mu Struggle”, “Ndaba Bulabi”, “Ki Uganda Kinyuma” and
“Emikolo Gituwuuba” ft slash.
Asked whether releasing as EP was the best thing to do with already three songs on rotation, Crysto Panda said needed to have a variety of songs for whenever he is invited for performances.

Produced by Nessim and Artin Pro, some of the songs on the EP are mostly about trending topics and to Crysto, it is what people relate to.
“I sing what my people want to hear. I learnt that many people like the creativity in my songs. So many guys have tried to sing about trending words and they haven’t been as successful as me so I think people like my creativity,” he said.

That aside, Crysto, whose name stands for ‘Chances Are Yet Supposed To Be Opened’, said his strategy to remain relevant is to do good music, good videos and good promotions. With this, his fans will be well catered for.
Speaking about his fans, who are mostly high school students, the 25-year-old said he hopes to do tours in schools and different parts of Uganda after the total easing of the lockdown and besides that, he wants to sign an artiste to his record label, Panda Gang, sometime next year.

This “Ayiii” EP has also seen Crysto top the list with the most nominations in this year’s Buzz Teeniez Awards, appearing in eight categories.


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