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Time to grab the chance and write a campaign song

Ronald Mayinja, Bebe Cool and Kusasira have all released campaign songs for NRM

Ronald Mayinja’s song “Mzee Akalulu”, is such an ear-worm. I even see National Unity Platform (NUP) people mouthing it behind their bu red masks. There is no denying, it is a nice catchy tune much better than the “Tubonga Naawe” song the camp paid artistes to do for them in 2015. It reminds me of FDC’s “Toka Kwa Bara Bara”, which was also such a nice song. I don’t know what other parties are marching to but now is a good time to think of an anthem. Perhaps NUP should adopt “Engule” as their formal song. John Katumba, well, one of Felista Di Superstar or Fresh Kid’s songs should do.

The nsenene season is here again and the trick is to eat as much as you can because soon, it will be gone. So dear Ugandan musician, treat this season like the nsenene one. Compose some random song praising a politician and see if you won’t reap maybe not as big as Mayinja, but at least something to smile about. All it takes is to put a few lines together praising your unsuspecting victim and then making sure they hear it being played and also make sure they know who sang the song. This, my dear friend, could be a windfall for you. No one cares about your vocal abilities, all they want is something musical to stroke their egos with.

You have to be calculative though. Some victims are not a good investment, they will not bring any returns to write home about. Take, for instance, the dear child Katumba. Singing a song for him would be a charitable act, one from which you should not expect any monetary gains. So if you have many sins and are looking for a way to make up for all your ills to society, then sing a song for Katumba, he will pay you with a thank you and you might get a few cheers here and there.

Willy Mayambala will probably pay you with a vigourous handshake and a thunderous kisoboka. FDC’s Patrick Amuriat will donate his shoes to you and Joseph Kabuleta will promise you spiritual riches, Nobert Mao will furnish you with English words you have never heard of and stories of Chinua Achebe; Henry Tumukunde, well, that one might ask you who told you that he wanted a song. NUP’s mubanda will hand you over to some guy who will give you a free boat ride at his Busaabala beach and Kalembe will pay you with zoom lessons on how to walk with your back straight like the queen of Zamunda. So invest wisely, know your target market, know where the money is and how to boot-lick the people with connections to the hand that holds the money so they can get your song there and see how your life turns around in just one nsenene season.

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