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Of Ugandan pastors tasting own medicine

Mondo Mugisha

Crazy, crazy times we live in, these. If you carried out a google search for ‘Uganda + News’, images of opposition presidential candidates covered in teargas or security forces brutalising unarmed locals are most likely to appear on the first 10 pages.

In between, you will see Mountain Gorillas, potholed roads, the world famous chapati and egg, aka Rolex, maybe the Source of the Nile, Mbarara High School, SK Mbuga, Anne Kansiime and the other chap brought by Speaker Kadaga to help cure Uganda’s Covid situation.Stuff that kind of represent us.

Not to be left out, a huge – in the light sense of it – city pastor commonly known as Mondo Mugisha decided to hog headlines following his arrest for allegedly duping colleagues of billions of shillings in order to have them meet President Museveni. I do not know his church, or any member of his congregation. But he was not at it alone.

His sidekicks are Presidential advisors Catherine Kusasira and Hillary Musoke as well as a ‘Bishop’ Siraje who were picked up by Col. Edith Nakalema’s State House Anti-Corruption Unit sometime this week.

On top of soliciting money by false pretence from other pastors claiming to take them to meet president Museveni, these chaps, led by the bishop, also allegedly picked money from unsuspecting Ugandans to take them on visits to Israel.

Some were taken to Baha’i Temple and told not to demand for any more trips.

We can only stone Mondo and company when proven guilty just like we want to stone the Jama that shouts ‘repent’, only to sleep with all choir members.

At the moment, let’s just say, Mondo and friends were trying to eke a living.

And what better group of people to dupe than guys pretending to be pastors?

See, they too are gullible, even when they use their advanced bufere tactics of ‘holy water’, ‘magic rings’ and ‘white handkerchiefs’ to squeeze whatever life is left out of their flock. The irony!

Now they are crying foul, as if they are not ‘people.’ The kind that want to jump at any opportunity to shake hands with Museveni – like most people I know.

The kind that believe Mondo and Kusasira can lead them to the Promised Land.

The kind too blinded they fail to notice the Kusasiras seem very well-fed they do not need your money. That even when they tell you, ‘so what, come beat me’,15 of them together wouldn’t tackle this one fella.  And that there is life.

As your pastor helps you achieve your heart’s desires, he is tithing your offerings to Mondo, Kusasira and Siraje.

They bleed red blood after all, your dubious pastors. So it is up to you to go back and tithe.

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