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Kwonka at 24 what were you up to?

When he made the mad dash to Kyambogo Cricket Oval in time for his nomination as a presidential candidate following a punctured tyre, John Katumba instantly won me over.

The only candidate with milk teeth – yeah the jokes have started flowing – candidate Katumba, without a doubt is a man to watch!

Katumba, a fresh graduate, managed to raised Shs20m from wellwishers in order to get nominated on Tuesday. Most importantly, he was endorsed by more than 100 people from each of the 98 districts across the country.  No mean feat that.

At 24! Let that number sink in.

Certain people I know in their 30s can barely get someone to sign their 10k bank loan papers. Some of you jamas clocking 40 are not even trusted by your partners with the 2K change from the village grocery store.

Today, there are lots of 24-year-olds still holed up in their old man’s house, waking up at 10am to eat breakfast prepared by 60-year-old mothers. This after they spent the whole night smoking shisha and drinking beer on credit. And this has been the cycle for many Ugandans aged 24.

And so at 24, Katumba finally got nominated and will appear on the same ballot paper, hopefully, with three battle-hardened Generals, seasoned politicians in Nobert Mao and Patrick Amuriat, as well as an upstart in Ghettoman Robert Kyagulanyi, come February.  There is a pastor and Nancy Kalembe, the only female candidate, in the mix too.

He says he will fight unemployment among youth and women. He himself is unemployed. The irony of a big dreamer.

Although his chances of winning might be lower than the rest but slightly higher than that of the Mayambala fella, history has been made. Hopefully, more youth are inspired by Katumba to take on the dinosaurs.

What a time to be alive!

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