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The generation and the illusion of friendships

Most of you if you lost your job today or your source of income, you would lose 99 percent of your friends. You will realize that the people who used to call you were not calling you but what you represented or had to offer. So most of you, your phones are busy right now, but if you lose your position, you will begin thinking may be you left your phone in silent or something. Because the phone will go days without a phone call.

And somehow people detect it when you have lost the things they needed from you. Some of you ladies are hip and hype right now, but soon when you lose your beauty, at least when you lose the things that get men turned on, they will see your status updates and start ignoring them. Soon you won’t have anyone to leave on last seen.

Most people think they have friends, it’s a myth. So I always ask people; if you look through your contact list, which person can you call in the middle of the night and they will rush with just 100K to bail you out from wherever you are stuck.
So for most people, what you call friends are just drink buddies, workmates, people who call you because you hold a certain position, because you have some ka money. The rarest thing in the world is a friend.

Most people are your friends because it is convenient. It works for their self interests. You know how people call each other; “my guy” in the bar, how people “bro” each other. It is all lies. It is all plastic. It’s all easy to say I am his friend when he is okay. But can you be there when it is inconvenient. Literally can you help that person hide a dead body? When they are accused of the worst of crimes, will you be the last person standing by as a surety?

That’s most people are depressed. Because out in the world they feel like they have many friends. They post a WhatsApp status and everyone says; “send me this.” On Facebook, tens of people will wish them a happy birthday. And then when they are alone in their bedroom, it suddenly hits them that they have no friends.
So we live in an illusion of friendship. It’s the greatest curse of this generation. That people have no friends. They have illusions of friendships.

We don’t build friendships the way people did in the past. We build for the short term. For me if I can’t see you in my life 10 years from now, I can’t call you a friend.
People will say they are your friend so they can manipulate you. Hashtags friends for life. That bullshit. People will even pretend they love your kids so that they can bribe you into serving their self interests.

That’s why I love the dark side of things. Darkness cannot be faked. You cannot fake hate. But you can fake love, you can fake friendship. There is nothing like simanya friends and real friends. It is either a friend or nothing at all.
When it comes to things like friends, I tread carefully. I don’t just throw that word around. Most people are just my associates, my workmates, travel mates, etc.
If you think your friends go beyond 10, you are playing yourself!


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