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VIDEO: Uproar over Buchaman’s ‘disgusting conduct’


Photo combo: Faded singers Buchaman and Rocky Giant

          “Bebe Cool offers to pay for Rocky Giant’s rehab”




Social media has been buzzing since yesterday after a video recording in which presidential envoy on ghetto affairs, Mark Bugembe alias Buchamen is seen beating up fellow musician Fred Giriya aka Rocky Giant emerged.

In the video that has since gone viral, Buchaman and a group of his followers are seen humiliating Rocky Giant for allegedly calling himself a Ghetto president, something that some musicians have described as ‘disgusting’ while others called on police to apprehend the self-proclaimed ghetto president.

In the video, Buchaman is heard ordering Rocky to sit down before asking him to explain where he got the permission to call himself a Ghetto president.

“Do you know what we do, can you stand or do what I do, and can you face and talk to the ghetto youths? How can you go around calling yourself a ghetto president!” the seemingly furious presidential envoy inquired before swinging his hand to slap Rocky Giant.

When the video emerged, several artists have aired their opinion and condemned Buchaman’s actions with some offering Rocky opportunities to produce new songs.

Bebe Cool condemned Buchaman embarrassing a fellow musician Rocky Giant at his lowest point in life on baseless issues.

“But I want to draw Ugandans from the pretense of feeling sorry for Rocky Giant. The truth is you are all addressing a minor outcome of misuse of drugs as for now. The bigger problems are yet to surface. The issue as I follow this case carefully is one is a customer of the other and the business is drugs/enjaga. I have always spoken loud and clear against musicians misusing drugs, sometimes mentioning names with an intention to draw their fans, families and friends to join me focus  on helping their person to stop drug abuse but all in vain,” Bebe Cool posted on his social media platforms.

According to Bebe Ugandans should deal with the root cause of the problem rather than the outcome to save the lives of artists and young people.

“As for Rocky Giant, others will offer you songs, videos and clothing but for me I offer three months payment to a rehab if you enroll in one as soon as possible because once you handle the core problem of the drugs, the rest will fall in place,” he said.

Musician and song writer, Nince Henry, has offered to write Rocky two rap songs while producer Diggy Baur of Sabula Records offered to record for him two audios.

Video director Frank Jah of the Jahlive Studios has offered to make for him three videos while singer Victor Kamenyo offered the faded rapper Shs 1 million to promote his music.

Police said they had watched the video on social media but are yet to receive a complaint from Rocky Giant before they can investigate.

“Before we start investigating the case, we ask Rocky Giant to come and file a formal complaint and get a medical form indicating that he was assaulted. We condemn any acts that break the law,” Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said.

Rocky giant was famed for songs like Ngoma Nene, Paka Last, Nani Wuyo among others.

Until 2017 when he ventured into politics, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine had been the self-proclaimed Ghetto president.

Buchaman had been Bobi Wine’s deputy years before they parted ways.

As soon as Bobi Wine joined Parliament, Buchaman declared himself the ghetto president.

“Since I have been the vice ghetto president and the president has left us for another role, I’m now the new ghetto president,” Buchaman said then before he was met with protests from some ghetto youths.


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