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I used my first salary to buy a bible—Dj Xzyl

Born Franchesca Nyakaisiki, DJ Xzyl is also a radio presenter. She holds a diploma in aviation and a degree in business administration.
First thing you do when you wake up…
I check my phone, find out who is in my DMs. Depending on relevance and or necessity, I reply, return calls, while thinking out my day in terms of how much different and better that day is going than the previous one.
First thing you do when you get to work….
Sanitise, sign-in, and greet people around as courtesy in any professional setting, then sit down and mind my business mostly until my colleague, Eth shows up and we start our co-prep before we deliver the magic on the airwaves.
Childhood memory….
I am from a humble background and growing up, we did not have a TV set since we had more pressing needs than a TV set. So, we were outdoor children. I was playful and; I would either forget that playtime was over or push my siblings to do things that got us in trouble.
I grew up mostly with boys and had a spanking probably because my parents felt I needed that to grow up right.
First best friend…
Gloria, a half caste (French-mutooro), we grew up in the same village neighbourhood, they lived close to my kaaka’s- grandmother (who actually passed on recently at 98,) two decades ago. She was such a beautiful soul but life took us different directions. Gloria and I came up with our own language, wamperegu – meaning let us dance), and we had our own dance to that.
First book you read ?
A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks. This book made me cry my heart out because the love story was deep, real but ended with death. The best thing in life is live, love and die.
First job…
Deejaying under Platinum Deejays about seven or so years back. At Kyadondo Rugby Club & NTV Exposed, I am talking about a job with salary because I used to earn wages, to raise my school tuition.
First salary…
I don’t recall the figure, but I know whatever I got, I bought a dress and a bible, and wore it to church the following Sunday. I went for prayers with that bible. I am some type of religious ritual like that.
Current job?
Most memorable experience?
Life is an experience, I don’t know which one stands. Back in the village during school break, we met at my dad’s with my cousins and we were playing ‘tag’. So being the oldest child, my siblings had a tendency of listening to me religiously. While playing tag, I suggested we run into everything and anything as long as you do not get tagged. One of my cousins ran into thorns. That got me a spanking from my dad.
On that same day, I told my cousin I would heal him before nightfall and my remedy was to rub spirit on his belly. He ran back into the bush and I got another beating.
Worst moment in life?
When I lose a loved one and having unnecessary misunderstandings (because sometimes you realise how much time you wasted being mad about things that didn’t really matter.
Had you not been a deejay?
A fitness trainer

Music, I love to come up with musical and unique Afro sounds, I love dancing, fitness probably because am a fun of sweating ( I just love the smell of sweat), healthy living, movies if they are short.
Your five hits now…
Your Love – Azana, Edobozi lyo – Slick Stuart, Roja & King Saha, I Trust You – Jonathan Traylor, Mwooli – Eth & King Saha, For You- Nonso Bassey, Don’t start now – Dua Lipa (five is punishment for a DJ).

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