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Nostalgic Maddox performance awakens old memories



Before the Coronavirus lockdown, getting Maddox Sematimba to perform at an event was almost as hard and expensive as staging a bank robbery.

He was also arguably one of the most expensive artistes to hire and when the country went into lockdown, he also went into a hiatus, at least according to people close to him.


However, last Saturday Club Pilsner ‘fished’ him from his hiding to perform at the Club Beatz at home season 3 Episode 4.

It was little wonder that he was the headlining act alongside Karole Kasita for this particular edition.

With a strong background in band music, the perormance was not hard for Kasita and what better way to start off her performance with “Mwoto”, her collaboration with Cindy before switching to “Binyuma”.


Midway the song, she mixed in Sly & The Family Stone’s “Everyday people” before switching back to “Binyuma”.

“It is annoying how Covid came in and ruined everything and everybody. We feel chained and enslaved,” she shared her concerns before doing “Chained to the rhythm” by Katy Perry.

She then did “Balance”, her latest jam this year, and climaxed her performance with “Yaka” before calling it a day.

“We thought it wise to give you a present as Uganda celebrates her 58th Independence Day and we were like let us go all the way back and bring you a legendary artiste and that is none other than Maddox Sematimba,” Douglas Lwanga, the emcee introduced the next artiste.


Maddox in a reggae vibe kicked off his performance with “Dembe”, “Irene” which he dedicated to a certain Irene, “Munakyalo”, “Nakattude, “Easy”, “Omuyimbi”, “Omukwano gwo” and “Namagembe”.

Previous headliners on club Beatz have been performing for two sessions but not Madoox. He went all out in one session non-stop which perhaps makes him a unique artiste.




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