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Bebe Cool, wife sue their former barber, want Shs 200m

The court case arose from accusations that the two failed to pay their former barber Shs3 million for his service


Ugandan reggae and ragga musician Bebe Cool has taken his former barber to court seeking over Shs200m damages for allegedly defaming him.

The Wakayima singer, real name Moses Ssali and his wife Zuena Kirema Ssali in their lawsuit filed Monday (October 19) at the High Court in Kampala want Martin Shafat Ssaku trading as Mart barber hair Studio together Martbarber group of companies limited to be restrained from any further libelous information against them.

The suit is in connection to Ssaku’s claims that the couple failed to pay him Shs3 million for his services.

The couple also wants court to declare Ssaku guilty of unjust enrichment and economic fraud, among others, for allegedly using Zuena’s images and videos to advertise his business without her consent.

The couple admits that Ssaku was their barber and would always be paid on a pay as you go basis as the practice usage and procedure is in that industry.

“That without the first and second plaintiffs’ (couple)’s consent owing to their brand, popularity and great reputation, the defendants (Ssaku and his company) well knowing of its benefit and with the aim of benefiting from the same without any claim of right whatsoever always made motion pictures, videos and took photographs of them during the process of giving their services that were later posted on the defendants’ social media pages for material gain and advertising their services without the plaintiffs’ consent, “reads in part the court document seen by this publication.

The couple states that in a June 5, 2020 letter, through their lawyers asked Ssaku to cease and desist from using Zuena’s images on any of his social media pages for material gain without her consent.

The couple further states that on the belief that the defendants would act positively towards their letter, they did not pursue any further action against them for the breach against them.

“To the plaintiff’s surprise on September 22, 2020 they were shocked to witness a foregoing story that ran for more than 15mins on a popular show entitled ‘UNCUT’ that airs on NBS and the same was subsequently repeated with the same demeaning words against the plaintiffs on different social media platforms,”  court documents further reads in part.

The aggrieved couple also attached evidence of images of  Zuena that were allegedly used by Mr Ssaku to advertise his hair cut  services on social media to which they both claim he rode on their hard earned fame and celebrity life.

According to the social media posts that the couple finds offending, Mr Ssaku contends the couple is maintaining a high -end lifestyle that they cannot afford given that the couple owes him (barber) Shs3 million which they have refused to pay.

They are now seeking for an interest of 30 percent per annum on all monetary awards from the date of judgment until payment in full.


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