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Meet best friends, radio presenters


Herbert Kyewalyanga and Sam Gombya. PHOTO/FILE/COURTESY

Sam Gombya, a presenter at Dembe FM, is a close friend of Herbert Kyewalyanga, alias Herbie Kay, who is also a presenter at Metro FM. Sam and Herbert have been close friends for ages. They spoke to Nicolas Akasula about their friendship.


How would you describe Herbert? 
Herbie is a hardworking boy, and he likes friends. He is also kind and generous.

When and how did you meet?
We met when we young boys at St Matia Mulumba Church, Old Kampala in 1992. We were practicing music with a Catholic choir.
He used to play engalabi the long drum. I became part of his family, and like they say the rest is history.

What are some highlights of your friendship? 
Shortly after practicing with the choir, we formed Power Pro Pals Band and it was outstanding.

Also, in 2004, I chose him as my bestman because of our friendship that dates from our childhood. And because I am disabled, I need someone who understands me and he does exactly that.

What do you like about him? 
He is kind and loyal.

What don’t you like about him?
He argues a lot and I cannot stand it when he loses his temper. For instance, the day our band broke into two separate bands, he came to my room and yelled saying “if we are to separate, let us do”.

Do you ever disagree? 
We have never fought but we had a face off and I thought that the incident was  going to end our relationship.

How often do you meet?
At least every three days.


What does he like the most?
Salt. He eats salt even with sweet bananas and when we enter a restaurant, he asks for it before tasting the food. He even enjoys licking it.

And what does he dislike the most? 
Gossiping about him. He prefers straightforward people.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am married to a fellow singer Sophie Gombya,  who is now trying her hand at politics.

What are you up to?
I am pursuing a Masters in Psychology because I think the many depression cases would have been solved, if that gap were bridged with professional care.


How would you describe Sam? 
Sam is interesting, a talented musician with a go-getter mentality. He is straightforward and ambitious. I mean, music, media, drama, politics, name it.

Highlights of your friendship…? 
We both grew up on Martin Road and we were ambitious about music. That is why we started a band. We even pursued Music Dance and Drama at Makerere University.

What is the craziest thing you have done together? 
Initially, he was bad at timing music beats. He wrote a song titled Viola, but because he could not follow the beat, we stood behind him just to tap his back to have him move to the beat. Sam has a good voice but he struggled with the tempo.
Surprisingly, he has become a successful singer than the rest of us.

Why did he choose you as his best-man? 
I was shocked because here was Power Pro Pals Band, a four-boy band. It comprised Herbie, Joseph, Eric and I, and he was closer to Joseph. I was shocked and overjoyed when he chose me. He was the first to hit that milestone in the band.
Either way, I believe he was between a rock and hard place. No wonder we were all part of the entourage.

What do you like about him? 
Sam is adventurous and he inspired me to join radio. I kept in music so long, until I realised he was making strides. He is a counsellor and intervenes in my marriage  challenges.

What don’t you like about him? 
Sometimes he wants to do things his way. When he loses his temper, you are in for it.

Your  nickname for him…? 
He did not want to be referred to as disabled. So, we often teased him that he was Magulu Asatu (the three-legged man). To date he tags it to his name on radio.

Do you ever disagree? 
I think we were meant to be because even when we quarrel, we make up. For instance, when we had a hiatus and with Joseph they formed Josam’s Band, we would not stand being apart.

How often do you meet?
Even when he leaves work, he passes by my workstation.





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