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I might just make use of my degree now – Kemishan


Kemishan: Kemishan, real name Mark Lukwiya, is a dancehall artiste known for hit bangers such as “Big Bumpa” and “Up in the Air”. He has been in the music game for some time but might just give it up all because of Covid-19, at least according to what he told Isaac Ssejjombwe.


1.You sound too Jamaican in your songs, what is with all the patois?
I have been asked on several occasions to sing some Luganda but I am steadily progressing as I keep trying to incorporate vernacular into my music and shift with the trends. I have also noticed that the songs I have done, which have some Luganda, for example “Driver”, “Another One” and “My Thing”, have taken me places.

2.Tell us a bit about your background.
I am an Acholi who comes from an English-speaking family of six. I have three brothers, and my father was a reverend but unfortunately, passed on when I was three years old, so I grew up with my mother who is a Munyankole.
I am a single father of two. I went to Bat Valley Primary School, St Kaggwa Bushenyi High school, Hilton High School Mukono and have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Mass Communication from Kampala International University.

3.How did the son of a reverend end up doing music?
I was introduced to music from an old TV station called “MCM”, which was popular back then and I have always wanted to sing since I was a child. My brothers and I idolised this station so much that we sang almost every song, word for word. I believe that is where I learned to use my voice. I majorly learned hip hop and RnB lyrics, composition and how to sing. However, when I got to university, I found reggae & dancehall trending and that motivated me to switch to dancehall.

4.What was your first day like in studio?
My first studio session was because of a friend called Alex Keiru. The studio was called Valley Curve Records in Ntinda and belonged to the late Lumix. I went there with my OB Lawraid Vybz, who was the producer, and after the session, everyone in studio that day was extremely impressed. This gave me the energy to start singing seriously and I have never looked back.

5.Was that the beginning of your career?
I officially started to sing at university, but my mother tasked me to finish my studies before I could make any serious moves on music. But I had recorded and released my first song, “Ay U”, which was the first song to give me recognition in 2010. I even got signed to my first record label, Osmond Records and I released my second track “Sitaki” ft Ellah. By this time, music was all I was thinking of. I even curtain-raised for Jamaican duo “R D X” at Lido Beach in 2011.
My contract with Osmond ended in 2011 and since I had missed some papers, I decided to focus on finishing my studies until I graduated in 2013.
I then moved to Netherlands and Germany for two years and when I came back, I settled at Buddies Entertainment.

Easiest work partners…
Of all the artistes I have collaborated with, Mun G and Santana have been the easiest to work with, perhaps because they are friends and doing musical favours for each other got us working together.

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