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Winnie Nwagi’s photos leave tongues wagging

As the Rocky Giant Vs Buchaman durst was still settling among music fans, singer Winnie Nwagi gave us a treat.

The treat was in her photos that have trended among Ugandan social media users for the better part of weekends and left tongues wagging.

The Jangu singer took the pictures during a trip to Fort Portal, western Uganda. Dressed in only a bikini, the pics expose most part of her body. Well, you could say she was half-naked.

Be reminded that these are not the first pics the singer shared exposing her half-naked body but something peculiar about the position of her tattoos left a section of social media users alking.

This is what some had to say;

Mariah Carter

“Naye Winnie Nwagi aah-But those Quinine injections were no jokes back then.”


After seeing Winnie Nwagi’s pic I understood the pain the guy who made the tattoo was going through.”


“I’m offering a free sensual/ boudoir shoot to Winnie Nwagi. RT till the Diva and her team see this.”

Kelvin Omukungu

“Winnie Nwagi needs to get her shit together and lose weight and get rid of those tattoos. By December she’ll be totally unrecognizable.”


“But who told thick gals that their bodies are the best? Truth be told Winnie Nwagi’s bum bum is ugly.”

While others were bashing Nwagi for the pics, some came to her rescue saying she’s free to do what she wants and that her body is not that bad among other praising’s.

Namanya Render

Why do people always feel entitled to how others live their lives y’all out here body shaming Winnie Nwagi & calling her names some of you are witch doctors sacrificing people others yo family stole property of orphans but y’all out here being the moral & ethical police mutama.”

The December Queen1

“So today it’s Winnie Nwagi’s body we are discussing about. Well let me tell you that she has the right to be thick not slim !! She has the right to have her lovely tattoos and for those who are saying she ain’t recognized mehn she doesn’t give a shit about y’all.”


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