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Who is Justin Bas: Producers reject TV presenter as their representative in UPRS

Diggy Baur, Justin Bas and ATIN Pro

On Tuesday, the Uganda Performing Rights Association (UPRS) gave out different positions on the board to the stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

Among the people that were appointed was TV presenter and music manager Justin Bas was voted as the board member in charge of music producers all over the country.

However, a group of Audio Producers came out and rejected UPRS’ decision to appoint Justin Basiima a.k.a Justin Bas as a board member in charge of music production and producers saying they do not know him and he is not a producer.

The producers who included Diggy Baur, Artin Pro, Rinex, Crouch, among others came together on Wednesday and questioned how a person who has never produced a single song can represent them in such an office.

The angry producers noted that Justin Bas is not the right person to represent them because he does not understand what the producers go through in their business and hence cannot be the one to help them solve their problems.

“UPRS voted but we as producers were given someone we don’t even know to represent us, who is Justin Bas? He is not even our member, we don’t know which music he has ever produced. This is one of the things that show how our job has been disrespected,” said one of the producers.

The producers have threatened to boycott UPRS’ if their matter is not resolved.

Other people that were appointed on the board include Wisdom Kaye, Julie Ssesanga, and James Serumaga.

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