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Spice Diana reveals what family planning method she uses

Spice Diana

Spice Diana, one of Uganda’s best female artistes while appearing on an interview with UNCUT last evening revealed the family planning method she uses to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

During the interview. She was asked when she will have children and she said she’s not ready to have children yet but when the time comes she will definitely cross that bridge.

The interviewer went ahead and asked her how she avoids unwanted pregnancies and a jolly spice Diana responded, “I use condoms”.

Spice Diana also talked about her beef with fellow artistes saying she has no beef with any artiste as the media puts it.

“You guys tried to create beef between Cindy and me but like you all realized later, she and I are good friends and now it’s Lydia Jasmine. Why would I fight with a fellow artiste when I can learn a thing or two from them?” she asked.

Isn’t she a good role model for the younger girls?

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