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Ronald Mayinja releases campaign song for President Museveni

NUP President Bobi Wine (L) with Ronald Mayinja (R)

Ronald Mayinja has released a song for President Museveni with just a few days left for the nomination of presidential candidates.

Not so long ago Ronald Mayinja apologized to Bobi Wine and National Unity Platform (NUP) members for changing camp and asked to join the NUP. Bobi Wine welcomed him in at his party headquarters in Kamwokya and he was given a party card.

It is on the same day that Mayinja vowed not to support NRM again. However, today he has released a campaign song for Museveni titled ‘Muzeeyi Akalulu kako

Social media is in total shock after the singer released a song pouring out his heart for President Museveni.  In the song, Mayinja sings that President Museveni is the best president he has ever seen in Uganda and he believes that he is a gift from God to Ugandans.

“Museveni you have done everything for Ugandans and this term my vote is yours. Museveni you’re better than all the presidents that have ruled Uganda, you have built hospitals, roads, and many other things. You’re really blessed and we love you,” states an excerpt from the song.

Many of the NUP members are not surprised as singer Mathias Walukaga says it was just a matter ftime before his true colours come out.

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