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Pastor Augustine Yiga was a sinner – Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

Pastor Augustine Yiga (L) and Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga (R)

After the passing of Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival church Kawala, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga addressed the media. The pastor sent out his condolences to the deceased’s family, friends, and followers but accused deceased Revival Church Pastor, Augustine Yiga of living a sinful life and misleading his followers.

“This morning I was informed of the passing of pastor Yiga, we knew that the pastor had passed on a few days ago but was left on life support to make preparations. It’s sad news and I send my condolences to his family, friends, and followers,” Ssenyonga kicked off the presser.

The pastor who is the lead pastor at Christian Life Church in the city suburbs of Bwaise accused deceased Revival Church pastor, Augustine Yiga of living a sinful life and misleading his followers.

He went on to say that he hopes that Yiga had repented by the time of his death since he had a chance to ask God for forgiveness because he has been sick for a while.

“I hope that with all the time he spent in the hospital, Yiga repeated and had accepted God as his savior. The last we heard about him tells us that he was not saved but let’s hope and believe that he had repented. I will be happy to go to heaven and find Yiga there,” he said.

According to the pastor, Yiga’s death should teach us that life is about choices, and we should always make the right decisions so that we can leave a good legacy for our children and the people that look up to us.  He said this because the media and most people have portrayed Yiga as a comedian.

“I can’t speak badly about a dead person but I want to take this opportunity to ask people to avoid such things, Loving quick money, wanting honour that is not deserved among other things.”

On record, he said that it is said and some of us know that Yiga left very many children and several widows, some widows are known some are not. Pastor Ssenyonga also accused Pastor Yiga of infecting some of his followers with HIV/Aids through sexual intercourse.

“It’s on record that Mr. Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from health facilities and the test was done under the law,” Ssenyonga told the journalists in a press he called at his home.

Ssenyonga further said he was willing to help all pastor Yiga’s children and their mothers, including the junior pastor of Revival Church in Kawaala, Andrew Jjengo, who is also the deceased’s elder son.

“If Jjengo came to me seeking help, I would help him both financially and spiritually to change course from his father’s lifestyle. It would even help his church to grow bigger than it currently is,” Ssenyonga said.

He said he made three unsuccessful attempts to pray for Pastor Yiga while he was bedridden to save his soul. The two pastors have never seen eye to eye and have been known for lethal verbal exchange which at one time climaxed into a court suit.

Ssenyonga had always accused Yiga of conning his gullible followers with bogus miracles. In 2018, Ssenyonga dragged Yiga to court, accusing him of defamation.

Ssenyonga accused Yiga of using his Television (ABS) to brand him a thief, land grabber, child molester, rapist, criminal and extortionist, hypocrite, and devil worshiper, which Ssenyonga then dismissed as false.

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