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Mondo tells off Senyonga as pastor’s association demands apology

After the passing of Pastor Augustine Yiga popularly known as Abizayo, Pastor Jackson Senyonga came out and stained the deceased’s name saying he lived a sinful life. According to Senyonga, Yiga was HIV positive and had intentionally infected many women.

This news didn’t go down well with his fellow pastors like Franklin Mondo Mugisha who believes that the Christian Life church leader pastor  Senyonga has no place in heaven following the latter’s striking words which he uttered against the late pastor Yiga.

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When Mondo heard of Senyonga’s words he also retaliated saying Senyonga had no authority to judge Yiga despite having done somethings that born-again Christians couldn’t agree with.

While appearing on Spark TV, Pastor Mondo went ahead to ask people to forgive his actions alleging that he is sick and sometimes does unrelated things. He remind the public of how Senyonga has has so many cases to answer and said that he will be exposed soon. With much bitterness, Mondo publicly nailed Senyonga when he stated how he has no place in heaven adding that he is a very jealous person.

On the other hand, the pastor’s association is also not happy about the press conference called by Senyonga and the things he said about Yiga.

They have demanded he produces medical documents to back up his allegations and also apologise to the born again fraternity, as well as Yiga’s followers or he, gets sued.

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