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Kenzo rallies Ugandans to support home grown football clubs

Pictures of Eddy Kenzo holding a KCCA jersey with Mike Mutebi, the coach of the club appeared on social media yesterday.

This came as a surprise given that Kenzo has been an ardent fan of SC Villa which is a rival club to KCCA. His explanation about the pictures was that Ugandans should be passionate about Ugandan football first before anything else.

He also emphasized that he’s still an SC Villa fan because it’s where he grew up and has fond memories of the club.

“I am a Villa boy and I love VEK (Villa Express and KCCA) because of the history we share. It brings back a lot of memories while still at Nakivubo as a ball boy. And am so proud of KCCA because of the strength it has exhibited to promote Ugandan football and uplifting talent in the country,” he posted.

“Let’s support our local teams and stop wasting all the time on European teams.”

Nze ndi mwana wa SC villa naye njagala nyo VEK because of history we share. it brings back a lot of memories while still…

Posted by Eddy Kenzo on Thursday, 29 October 2020


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