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John Blaq’s Vanessa joins music, hits studio

They say artistes have one way of expressing themselves and that is through music. In his ‘Do Dat’ jam, there is a line where John Blaq mentions Vanessa and how he could not live without her.

Well, that is a true story. Vanessa exists in real life and from what we have gathered, she has joined the music industry. What you may not know is that John Blaq had been dating Vanessa for a while until she dumped him after alleging that he was cheating.

She also said she will never forgive him for that, a thing some people worried may have contributed to John Blaq’s career limping.

From what we have gathered, Vanessa hit studio and is working on a track titled ‘Tolabisa’, which might be about her experience with John Blaq. The song will be coming out soon and her alias will be Vanessa Vanny.

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