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Injustice got Slim Mummy joining music

MAKING ENDS MEET: Daisy Babirye, alias Slim Mummy, lost her father at a tender age and since her family was struggling economically, she was forced to join music in order to help provide for the family. She shares her story with

Who is Slim Mummy?

My real name is Daisy Babirye, I am 22 years old and also a twin. I went to Mbarara Municipal School, Itendero Secondary School and Kampala International University, western campus where I graduated with a certificate in midwifery.

What inspired you to join music?

Growing up, l was told that my family was once wealthy but we were reduced to paupers after some of our relatives took almost everything we had, following the death of my father. So I grew up angry, working towards fighting such injustices in communities and music seemed to be it. But I also started doing music as a way to inspire the girl child because when such injustices happen in families and communities, it is the girl child that suffers most.

When and how did you start your music journey?

I started singing during my primary school days. I was part of the choir that produced the first Mbarara Municipal School album. I was in Primary Five then, but I officially started singing two years ago when I joined Quest Band in Mbarara, and this year, I was signed to Kitara Music label.

What kind of music do you do?

My music is majorly about preaching love. You will not do or get involved in any kind of injustice if you have love. I sing love ballads, dancehall and hip hop.

How many songs have you released so far?

I have an album of eight tracks and these include “Healing”, “Titurisishana”, “Akikurimu”, “Stay With Me” and “Romantic”, but I consider “Stay With Me” as my breakthrough song. It is one and a half months old but it is rocking airwaves in western Uganda.

What keeps you going?

Making my mother happy. I have seen my mother cry because of the injustices she went through. I want to do music before marriage and family because I know the moment I get committed, I will have less time for music. But I also wish to see the girl child empowered and inspired. And of course, my fans too.

Who has helped you through this journey?

Many, but I can single out my family, my producer, Quest Band, Jibu water and Kitara Music Production.

What are some of the things you have achieved since you joined music?

My biggest achievement is being able to inspire and encourage some people, especially girls, some of whom have always come back to appreciate me. Some people, including my relatives, had shunned us but are now coming back to associate with us because of my music.

Any challenges since you got onto this journey?

The major challenge has been lack of money to support my music career development.

Where do we see Slim Mummy in the next five years?

I want to be on top of my music career, not only in this region but nationally. I also see my impact on advocating against injustice in communities as well as empowering young girls.

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