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I didn’t get a coin from Katsha De Bank – Singer Kemi Sera

Singer Kemi Sera

When singer Kemi Sera got involved in domestic violence and a sex scandal with her former manager Hajji Haruna Mubiiru, she wasn’t in good shape health-wise. She publically testified during Sunday service at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Church how she ran mad to the extent that she couldn’t recognize her parents when she was taken back to the village.

When all this was going on, Katsha De Bank a Ugandan socialite based in South Africa came out and pledged to help the singer financially.

He promised to manage her career as well as clear her rent arrears. It was also said that through Rwamiti and Ray superstar, he would send Shs37M to help her get back on her feet musically.

While appearing on UNCUT after pastor Bugembe’s service on Sunday, a teary Sera disclosed how at a certain point in life she faced a lot of trials, got ashamed, and felt neglected by her own.

She also revealed that Katsa De Bank, Ray Supersta, and Rwamiti are frauds as they didn’t give her even a coin of the promised money.

“I didn’t get any money not even a coin, I don’t know why they told the word that they gave me money maybe they didn’t want anyone to help me,” she said.

During the service, the former Kream Production singer publicly testified how God saved her from running mad.

“I’ve been through a lot of trials and tribulations in this world. A lot of negative things have been talked about me and I got ashamed. But I thank God for having saved me from running mad. I even composed a praising for God appreciating all the good things he has done for me,” Sera said.

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