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Enock and Jaqi get reality show

A couple that rocks together, stays together. That is a sqoop saying. Well, we have seen couples rocking different things on dusty streets, rolex, outfits to liquor. Then walk in media personality Jaqi Deweyi and her husband/producer/director/manager (yeah, he does way too many things with her) Enock Audrice Nsubuga.

Enock has always been part of Deweyi’s journey, be it the time she was a presenter at KFM or performing at Pearl Rhythm Festival, he was always in the picture in some way. Well, before Covid-19, the couple had taken on blogging with a niche on food and tourism and every week, they would share food from all sorts of restaurants and hangout joints.

Now the latest we have at our desk is that the vlog has finally left the social media sites to . The show, titled Travel with Enock and Jaqi, shows you different places, hotels, cultures and foods through the perspective of the couple.

The first episode of the show, which aired in Fort Portal, had the couple meet different tourism players in the city and getting to understand how Covid-19 has affected them and later their experiences. Well, what can we say…well-earned for the couple!

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