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Chozen Blood excited as ‘Sharp Shooter’ hits 1 million views

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, a few artistes have been able to release music projects among these artistes is Chozen Blood.

His ‘Sharp Shooter’ song has been all over radio and TV stations for the past three months. The song that has been on almost every one’s lips has hit yet another milestone. The song video yesterday made one million views on YouTube. Chozen Blood who is excited about the achievement promises that there’s more good music to come.

Due to the pandemic, most artistes were afraid to release new music because they thought that it not be consumed well and so decided to hold back on releasing new songs.

However, Chozen Blood took the bull by the horns, and on July 3, 2020, he published the ‘Sharp Shooter’ song on Youtube, and to date, it is most people’s favorite.

As an artiste, he couldn’t hide his excitement as he shared the good news with his fans on his social media pages. “Numbers don’t lie 1m means a blessing thanks to all viewers please keep watching and subscribing to my YouTube channel, more is yet to come,” he posted.

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