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Catherine Kusasira takes another swipe at Balaam


When 12 artistes teamed up to produce “Tubonga nawe”, a song that hails the successes of President Museveni and how he still deserved to be in power ahead of political campaigns for the last general election, it literally didn’t leave the industry the same.

Some artists were boycotted by their target audience and their careers stagnated.

Others went on to join opposition while a few like Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira, King Michael, Big Eye as well as Balaam Barugahara, a renowned events promoter proved their loyalty for the ruling party, the NRM.

That team was reported to be directly accessing the president and State House every time they wanted and would be granted what they wished for until hell broke loose.

In the last few days, social media has been buzzing with claims and counteraccusations that some of the artists in the NRM camp became overzealous and greedy to the extent of blackmailing their colleagues in attempt to block their access to the president.

First, it was King Michael who accused Balaam of blackmail and blocking his opportunities and access to the president. However, days later, the two buried the hatchet and said they had reconciled their differences.

As the durst was still settling, singer Catherine Kusasira opened a Pandora’s Box with several accusations.

Early this week, she disclosed what she described as the ‘true colours’ of Balaam, in a TV interview before following it up with a long post on social media which was directly to the Radio4 proprietor branding him a traitor and mediocre among others.

“From the recent words I spoke through the media, I continuously tell and curse you #TheUseIdiot, you’re such a traitor I’ve ever seen, a stupid thing I’ve ever seen, someone who pretend to be rich with good heart yet you’re a mice, like a lost sheep in a forest, you just go on jumping on to everyone passing by you…

You mediocre, i want you to know that I gat exhausted of you to an extent that am like vomiting you now. You backbite people, destroyed my name at my President thinking i will be chased from doing his work but you ashamed yourself, just know am a full Senior Presidential Advisor For Kampala with endorsed  papers from himself the President, which for you’re just a lousy citizen who’s there to destruct people,” reads part of Kusasira’s rant.

According to Kusasira, the ‘Sabavulu’ promoter is behind the failure of several youth projects.

“Balaam, is someone who shows his niceness among other people but on other side he betrays you. Recently when I went to Mbarara I heard rumors from my people saying that the Excellency gave me money for all Artists in Uganda and I ate it, something that made me very mad at this him. He’s someone who claims to be good in people but in reality he’s not,” she added.

To prove her point, she advised him to listen to her “Ssi Ddogo” song and “Omukisa gwamuno” of G.Lutaaya and should get someone who can interpret for him the meaning of the two songs.

Although we could not get Balaam to comment on Kusasira’s accusations, bloger Ashburg Katto defended the events promoter saying most of the accusations by the Ssi Dogo singer were false.

“Balaam is good hearted and has helped so many people including myself. He helped me meet President Museveni before I was given the cows that were ‘eaten’ by someone at State House,” Katto said.


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