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Bobi Wine, brother Nyanzi not talking

There has been an ongoing rumour that Bobi Wine and his elder brother Fred Ssentamu, alias Chairman Nyanzi, have not been talking for some time. This had not been confirmed until earlier this week.
“Not being on talking terms with a brother is normal and these things come to an end at some point,” said Nyanzi in an interview recently.

This whole issue started when people started accusing Nyanzi, who is running for the Kampala Central MP seat, of being corrupt when it comes to issuing NUP cards.
The people alleged that Nyanzi was asking for bribes to give certain people party cards yet they should be issued for free.
“It is unfortunate that my name is coming up in these allegations without evidence. These allegations are not true,” he added.

From what we heard, the two have not been talking for more than three weeks now but being the elder brother, Nyanzi believes he will sort his issues with Bobi.

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