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Bad black is a bad role model – Pastor Ssempa

Bad Black and Pastor Ssempa

Following the recent arrest of 21 suspects at a private house in Kireka during a sex party, Pastor Martin Ssempa has blamed the act on city socialite Bad Black.

He criticized Bad Black for being the cause of such acts when he saw one of the female’s in the clip leaking her lips like how Bad Black always does. He went on to mention how the females who were in the clip seemed to be Bad Black’s students.

“The girls who were appeared in the sex party arrest video seem to be Bad Black students because of the way they were leaking their lips, I usually see those habits from Bad Black,” he said.

The outspoken pastor also said how he felt very irritated when he came across a clip that had females stripping naked during the party before police raided the scene.

“This act is a very sinful deed that promotes a lot of sexual immorality among the youth,” he stated.


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