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All Ugandan traditional dances to be showcased in one piece tonight

For the worst, most arts entities do not invest in research and innovation, an issue that explains the sloppy progress of local arts in Uganda.

However, the story is far different with the Batalo dance organization, an art outfit that is taking an extra step to unleash traditional dances at the helm of modernity in their movement dubbed “Traditional Meets Urban”.

As Uganda celebrates 58 years of independence, the Batalo dance festival will tonight unleash a dance peace dubbed ‘A to Z’ which is a combination of all traditional Dances in Uganda.

‘A to Z’ will be the inaugural piece for this year’s Virtual festival and it seeks to address unity and calls for an end to tribalism in Uganda. Abdul Kinyenya Muyingo explained that the piece is one of the many avenues Africa and Uganda can utilize to bridge unity.

“It is a groovy and energetic feel to our traditional dances. When culture is allowed to evolve with the young people, it bridges the gap and unites us all,” he adds.

He adds that with the current political anxiety currently in Uganda, it is important to be reminded of the beauty and diversity of Ugandan culture and that diversity is what makes Ugandans special as there is no better way than to be reminded by our tribal movements.

This online festival is going to be live and will air on all Batalo East social media platforms starting at 7.00 pm

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