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I don’t regret clobbering Rocky Giant

Discipline. Buchaman says like the army, the ghetto has rules that govern it and as president of the ghetto, caning is a punishment common for law breakers.

Disciplining? Last week, social media was awash with a video of Mark Bugembe, alias Buchaman, instructing people to clobber fallen singer Rocky Giant. Isaac Ssejjombwe spoke to Buchaman to understand what really happened.

You have been quiet and what a way to get back in the news. What have you been up to?

Everyone has been quiet, not just me. The whole world has been at a standstill because of Covid-19 but I have been working in the ghetto, ensuring that everyone is safe.

Being the presidential advisor of all the ghettos in Uganda comes with a lot of responsibilities. Much as I am not able to be everywhere, I know what is happening and since I took up this position, crime rate has reduced. People are no longer lighting up tyres on the streets, they are no longer violent and are law abiding because they believe in me.

But State House recently disowned you and Full Figure. How did you resolve this?

Last time we checked, it was the President who appointed us and after that, we were vetted by State House and given appointment letters during the lockdown. We are full employees of the government who get a salary.

Let’s talk about that video where you were seen ordering some people to beat up Rocky Giant. What really happened?

That video caught so much attention because people do not know that what was done to Rocky Giant is not new in the ghetto. It was just a form of disciplining him. We have rules that govern the ghetto and clobbering as a punishment is given to people who have disrespected their leaders and Rocky Giant knows all about it because he signed the ghetto constitution. That is why he recently said what happens in the ghetto stays in the ghetto.

The truth is that Rocky Giant threatened to hurt my children on two occasions and I could not take him to the authorities because that is not what we do. We had to lay him down and beat him up. Besides that, he had impersonated me. We are trying to bring sanity to the ghetto but he was busy telling everyone how he is the ghetto president and how he does not believe in what we are doing, so we clobbered him and made him pick up trash in the compound, told him to bathe and then gave him food and he went away. It is just that the incident got out of hand when someone leaked the video and we are investigating who, so that they too can be disciplined.

There is a rumour that it was a stunt so that Rocky Giant can replace you as ghetto president.

I have not heard of such a story but one thing I am sure of is that Rocky Giant cannot be the Ghetto president. I know everything about the ghetto because I have lived all my life in the ghetto. The president appointed me after learning that I was the ghetto president. I replaced Bobi Wine and everything was in plan already.

To be a ghetto president, we consider someone’s impact in the society, their behaviour and time you have spent in the ghetto. For example, we have a programme mindset which is an initiative of making people earn a living out of charcoal briquettes.

The President knows that in the army there is a disciplinary committee and I am sure he knows what happened. It was my responsibility.

Are you and Rocky Giant on speaking terms?

What people do not know is that Rocky Giant and I have had a very good relationship for two years. We have been sharing food and drinks. Even my children like him. He last came to my house last week after the disciplining incident but after the clip went viral, he has not returned.

Tit bits…

Any regrets beating up Rocky Giant?

No, because I was disciplining him. I am also in his video of “Who is Who” where I am instructing about these laws. Rocky Giant knows and signed this course of action.

Other punishments in the ghetto

We can decide to make you do community work such as fetching water or collecting garbage.

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